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  • Basque Cultural Center turns 35
    The 35th anniversary of the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco was celebrated this weekend with handball games, a barbecue steak dinner and a rack of lamb lunch on Sunday. A few members braved stormy Northern California conditions to meet friends and family for the annual February event, and the wet winter weather may […]
    Nancy Zubiri
  • Basque Song of the Week: Lau Teilatu
    Lau Teilatu (Four Rooftops) is a very popular song in the Basque Country, even 40 years after it was first released. Here is is sung by Amaia Montero, the lead singer for many years of the group La Oreja de Van Gogh, and Venezuelan Basque singer Mikel Erentxun. The song was written and published by […]
  • Basque Song of the Week: Xalbadorren Heriotzean
    “Xalbadorren Heriotzean” is a moving song dedicated to the famous bertsolari Xalbador after his death at the age of 56 in 1976. Bertsolaris are singers who make up verses on topics in the moment. Xalbador typically talked about topics such as life, family, farm life, nature and faith. Written by a well-known Basque singer Xabier […]
  • Eguberri On – Feliz Navidad – Joyeux Noel – Merry Christmas
    Dear Friends of Euskal Kazeta: Wishing all of our friends: Eguberri On – Feliz Navidad – Joyeux Noel – Merry Christmas eta Urte Berri On – Feliz Año Nuevo – Bonne Année – Happy New Year
  • The city of Bilbo: A Revival and Evolution
    Bilbo, the biggest metropolis in the Basque Country, has come a long way since its days as an ugly industrial city. Ivan Jimenez Aira, the director of Bizkaia Talent, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping smart, talented people in the Basque Country, recently spoke with “The Guardian” about the renaissance of Bilbo (Bilbao). “I have […]
  • Basque film director, in U.S. for debut of his new movie “Amama”
    Awward-winning Basque film director Asier Altuna, who has directed 11 films, will be visiting several cities in the U.S. this week to promote his latest film, “Amama.” Last week he was in San Francisco, where his film was part of the Latino Film Festival. He will be in Boise, Idaho on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at […]
  • Basque Country musicians liven 2016 Chino Basque Festival
    All photos by Linda Iriart Visitors to the Chino Basque Festival this year enjoyed music and singing from several entertainers from the Basque Country. The singers Menditarrak performed Saturday night, Sept. 3, at the Chino Basque Club. This group comes from the small town of Banka, in Nafarroa Beherea. Many California Basques come from the […]
    Nancy Zubiri, Editor
  • Basque kayaker wins a gold medal in 2016 Rio Olympics
    Basque kayaker Maialen Chourraut Yurramendi won the gold in women’s canoe slalom at the Rio Olympics Aug. 11. Chourraut completed the race with a time of 98.65. She was followed by Luuka Jones of New Zealand with 101.82. Chourraut is 33 and is from Lasarte-Oria, near Donostia, in Gipuzkoa. She has been canoeing since she […]
  • Basque Athletes in Rio Olympics
    Every Olympics, some Basque athletes are always present, usually representing Spain or France. This year we’ve tracked down the following Basque Olympians. If you know of any others, tell us about them in the comments below and we’ll add them to our list. BAT Basque Team is an online presence on Twitter and Facebook following […]
  • Pride and Emotion for Basque-American at Smithsonian Folklife Festival
    I was incredibly moved to see my culture — the Basque culture — on display at the recent Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC. The Smithsonian Folklife Festival: Basque, Innovation by Culture included the best of the Basque world. It was an intense experience where Basque-Americans like myself saw our culture through the eyes of […]
    Nancy Zubiri, Editor

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