8HZ March 2017

8HZ March 2017

Aire Ahizpak and Mikel Markez will be present during the radioshow of Sunday, March 5th, 2017.
On air from 20:00 at 21:30 and always in 4 languages (Euskara, English, Spanish and French).
A special show.
Well on, we shall also have all the current events of the Basque Diaspora.
If you wish to contact us during the show:
2 possibilities:
– By telephone at the 00 33 559596030
– By e-mail at irratia@8probintziak.com

We shall be also on Facebook Video Live and a test on Caléidoscope (Twitter) will be made.

Milesker eta kaxu bidean !!

Benoit & Etsher : 8HZ

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