8HZ - 8 Herrialdeak Zuzenean





(Français) SOUTENEZ 8 Probintziak

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8HZ March 2017

Aire Ahizpak and Mikel Markez will be present during the radioshow of Sunday, March 5th, 2017. On air from 20:00 at 21:30 and always in 4 languages (Euskara, English, Spanish and French). A special show. Well on, we shall also have all the current events of the Basque Diaspora. If…


Basque Global Network: The Digital Diaspora

DECEMBER 5, 2016 by Ander Egiluz Beramendi in Basque tribune The Basque people have always been adventurous. Either for necessity or fueled by the desire to discover the unknown, Basques have migrated and traveled to the Americas, to Africa, and to the northern seas. These events have shaped the history…


Ongi Etorri


Since 2004, the association’s primary mission is to promote relations between the Basque Country and the Basque Diaspora around the world.

To realize this objective, the following actions are being carried out:

  • Create links (cultural and sports) from the Basque Country with those in the Basque Diaspora Associations (Basque Clubs and Associations).
  • Promote the travel of young persons from the Basque Country to the Basque Diaspora to share their knowledge and for them to learn more.
  • Support genealogical research.
  • Discover isolated Basques in the world.
  • Communicate information of the Basque communities around the world on the Basque Country (culture, traditions and sports), through its website, its social media and its radio show – 8 Herrialdeak Zuzenean.
  • Develop business exchanges between the Basque Country and the Diaspora :
    • In terms of employment
    • In terms of economic relations (markets …), financial ..
    • Assist with work placement in the Diaspora for students.